Youth Work Management and Support

OK after rambling off via Devon, Sheds and Firefox I’m finally back to “Management and Support!” I wrote before about things that I’ve seen de-rail a succesful appointment by a Church. But once someone has started what then?
I think one of the big issues is around goals and objectives, mission and role, the whole concept of “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will do” [Harvey-Jones]
This is especially true of Parish Youth ministry where there are a million roads open to the youth worker. Being clear therefore about goals and objectives is essential! This is especially true as the Church often has not thought through the role further than we need a youth worker, further to this as youth workers we can throw ourselves into being a youth worker but without a plan. These are BIG generalisations I know but I reckon this is a key area to look at in terms of making things work (and it’s where I observe a lot of the tensions) ….. OK, here’s the problem Checklist:
1. Church has not got a clear idea of the goals of the youth ministry OR there are many different ideas of what the goals should be.
2. The Youth Worker/Minister responds to need/opportunity and end up busy being busy (very busy)
3. Church and Worker have radically different goals.
4. There are goals and objectives but these are not regularly discussed, reviewed as the ministry team or as worker and Line Manager.
5. The Worker has goals and objectives but fails to see part of her/his role is to communicate these with the whole Church.
6. The worker removes themself from accountability
7. There is a lack of review, monitoring and reflection from the worker, the manager or the church.
On a lighter note here’s a rather well thought out but ambitious five year plan, Download file

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