Woolhope Cockshoot: Christian Residential Centre

Woolhope.JPG The coolest, funkiest residential centre that I know is coincidentally the one with the weirdest name, Woolhope Cockshoot.
I’ve been going there since I was a teenager and rate it highly as a place to take or to be a small group. It’s in Herefordshire down an obscure series of lanes that don’t obey normal temporal laws (get lost at your peril) but you can make as MUCH NOISE as you like or enjoy as much silence as you can handle ….. for relational youth work it rocks! It’s self catering but I love that, cooking and washing up alongside the group is such a great opportunity to talk, it can sleep 22, there’s no shops, no nothing for miles and it has an open fire!
I told one of the trustees I’d give it a plug for Youthblog readers who are looking for a venue, treat it well I love this place!
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Now I’ve shared my favourite residential venue, please do ye likewise as I’d love to know more cool places!

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  1. Lee Abbey: fab place, especially their youth camp!
    There are two centres that I use which are pretty amazing: one near Cambridge http://www.stmarkscollege.co.uk Excellent food! Excellent facilities and activities…plush lounge with TV
    There is also The Peak Centre at Champion House in Edale run by the Diocese of Derby. In 8 years of youth ministry, this is the best resourced centre I have ever come across! http://www.peakcentre.org.uk

  2. Ah, the memories. That place is fantastic. I remember looking out from the big window in the girls’ dorm over the fields and hills on New Year’s Day 2002, and thinking, “Could it be any more beautiful?” And those letters we wrote to God (and to ourselves) on New Years Eve, to be opened a year later! Everything I was worried about in that letter was resolved during the course of the following 12 months. I *love* it when God does cool stuff like that, when you actually get to see how he has been working.

  3. We used St Mark’s College at Saffron Walden last year for a Falcon Camp for CPAS. The location and grounds were excellent and made even better by Jon and Liz Wayper, the wardens. They were fantastic and patient with the kids – to the extent of even cooking alternative dishes quickly onthe spot for those with fussy diets!
    I’d definitely go back.

  4. I hesitate to share this with the rest of the world as it is such a fantastic secret… my favourite place is called the Dunton Centre. It is in Norfolk close to a town called Fakenham, which is where I grew up. It is also only a few miles from the beach which is wonderful for a Saturday afternoon activity.
    The Dunton Centre is really cheap and in excellent condition. It has a wonderful feeling of being in the middle of nowhere but isn’t too far from civilisation. I can’t recommend it highly enough although I challenge you to findout contact details as it isn’t well advertised….

  5. Could you give me details as to how to book the woolhope cockshoot? Also, i don’t suppose you know if it could sleep more than 22 if we took camp beds etc?

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