What’s the opposite of detached Youth Work?

I reckon I’ve invented a new form of youth work 🙂 I was upstairs in my house and happened to look out of the window and was surprised to see a teenager scurrying along the patio! I went down and introduced myself and explained that people vaulting into our garden over the fence and scurrying about was not the norm. Anyway he wasn’t from the estate and had made the mistake of coming on to it which the Pigeons Lane Crew had taken great offence to. He’d therefore vaulted into our garden to escape. So we had a chat.
But what is the opposite to detached youth work? I need a pithy expression for when youth work unexpectedly comes to you!

7 Replies to “What’s the opposite of detached Youth Work?”

  1. I was going to say that, Barrie!
    In a previous incarnation I worked in sales, which is divided into “proactive sales” and “reactive sales” (proactive being cold-calling customers, sending mail-shots, etc and reactive being responding to customers phoning in out of the blue). Could the same words be applied to youthwork or do they conjure up too many other images?
    No… The more I think about those, the less I like them!
    How about “unscheduled youth interaction”? 🙂

  2. um… following on from the detached/terraced youth work comment…. well, I’d say that as he was an unknown youth that came to you by accident – may be semi-detached youth work would be appropriate!

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