Veggie Rocks

I’ve added a new album to my mp3’s on the IPAQ! I have a great collection of loud and proud music that I tend to listen to when cycling (fast). At the moment there’s stuff like Northern Pikes, Transvison Vamp, The Men they couldn’t hang, The Alarm and of course, Meatloaf.
You’re never alone when you can put on the ‘phones
and let the drummer tell your heart what to do

veggierocks.jpg But I recently discovered Veggie Rocks! The combination of the mad/weird/funny veggie songs and cool bands is awesome! High Energy, fast paced surreal Rock! Now it may be that it’s a nostalgia thing as I’ve done lots of youth events where Veggie Tales has been a funky late night video option. But it may just be that it’s great fun!
If your youth group have ever encountered veggie tales then I recommend this CD. If you or they never have then check out such classics as “The Water Buffalo Song,” “Where is my hairbrush” and “The Pirates who don’t do anything!” (there’s samples of the tracks on the web site above!)
Must remember to try not to sing along when I’m cycling though!

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