Tool Time Tim Today

Tool time Tim.jpg Mostly today I’m being “Tool Time Tim” and working on the shed. But hey, virtually join me: If you’re bored, I mean REALLY bored, call in. I’ll update progress every couple of hours or so and you can be a cyber sheddie …..
I know, very sad! but hey I bet you call back 🙂
All updates will be via this post, For progress reports see below:
19:30 The Shed emerges from the primoridal creosote soup from whence it came. Ian looked and saw the it was good.
shed 0505 1930.JPG

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  1. Did you know GMTV are doing a feature on the best sheds? Here is the link
    you might find you have to save your entry till next year since there have been cinemas, nightclubs and other exciting uses for the garden shed. What incidentally will you be using yours for? I hope something slightly more exciting than just storing the lawnmower.

  2. I have tried to post a link to the GMTV website that is doing a feature on sheds and the most amazing uses for them, but it doesn’t seem to want to post.
    Your shed could be an entry next year depending on what you want to use it for, cinema, nightclub, casino, bowling alley… the list of opportunities is endless, please don’t say you are just going to use it to store the lawnmower

  3. Looks like a SHED… I’ll be blogging on this issue later… be warned!!! Before then more reprogramming needed. nearly calming down now.
    Enjoy your shedification. S x

  4. Nice shed, here in Sweden the weather is great and me and my wife have been eating lunch in the sun down by the small river.

  5. That is a top notch shed! So carpentry is part of any churchy type syllabus then is it, to fully understand WWJD with a big saw and a few bits of wood? That really is what they call ‘getting into the role’. But seriously, I truly am most impressed! Maybe you could try out the topsy-turvy room inside it, before you fill it with ordinary stuff?

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