The Fun of being a DYO

One of the great things about being a DYO (actually I’m a DYA, “Youth Adviser” but DYO (“Officer”) seems to be the generic term) is that I get to visit all sorts of youth groups and projects. Not only is it a blast meeting the young people but I learn an enormous amount observing youth work in so many contexts.
On Friday for instance I led a session on Spirituality at a small group that meets in a leader’s home. This particular group was led by a leader of 71, she’d met a bunch of girls when she was a volunteer at a holiday club a few years previously and as a result of that had started a group which is still going strong. It was fun to see the rapport she had with these teenage girls and the regard they held for her. Next time a Church tells me they are all too old to be working with young people I’ll tell them this story, you’re never too old to be a significant adult friend to young people!
Next week I’m off to a really vibrant village youth group to talk about Sex! (I’m at least guaranteed that they’re interested in the subject!) I saw this picture and it made me laugh, it’s the sort of photo opportunity my old youth group wouldn’t have been able to resist either!

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  1. i laugh & cringe at the whole ‘talk to’ your teen.. can’t someone get their research straight when they do these marketing schemes. teens like to be ‘talked with.’ gee, the lost art of the conversation, good thing this group hasn’t lost their sense of humor.

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