The Art of Random

I am blogging via wi-fi from a pub in Woolacombe on the eve of the Youth Advisers Conference. The venue for the conference is well smart! (If any of my esteemed colleagues have not set off yet make sure you’ve got a smart shirt as they are compulsory for dinner!) I’ve sussed the place out, been for a mountain bike ride (tough hills) and am now answering a few e-mails.
Image (5).jpg Started the day in Plymouth catching up with a former member of the youth group and her boyfriend. Had a very mellow morning in Plymouth including eating at the legendary “Captain Jaspers” (Check out the Sausage Sandwich!). While we were having our eats the TV people fired a Peugeot into the harbour for a forthcoming episode of “Casualty!” It’s pretty random to be enjoying a nice sandwich when suddenly there’s an explosion, a car flying past you into the harbour and dead fish landing around the place! (I jest not)
Image (2).jpg
Youth worker type stuff: It’s so cool to spend time with people who used to be part of the youth group (proud of you)
Oh and interesting blog development, it’s opened up conversation and debate between teenagers and Parents (see Lambeth entry)