3 Replies to “Sober, Sensible and Austere”

  1. Who on earth did they ask – that is not what I see. More pub and wine bar drinking (less superclubs) maybe but There are still thousands out each week Binge-Drinking their way through life!!! I won’t be hanging my club chaplain T-shirt in favour of an art gallery guide book just yet.

  2. I wondered if it would get some reaction! Like you say it would be interesting to see who was quizzed? On the plus side though it is actually a lesser-spotted positive media article about young people, very rare breed that’s rarely glimpsed in the UK.

  3. ?!?! Where did they find a collection of teenagers who spend their evenings in restaurants discussing fine art over a glass of gin and tonic?! It may be a positive pro-youth article as you suggest Ian, but it is also complete rubbish, which is less positive!
    Young people may be going out less than they did, but I would suggest that is because TVs and the Internet are in far more bedrooms now than 10 years ago, so staying in is now less uncool. Also, perhaps the increase in the number of off licences and skate-parks has combined to give young people new places to hang out and drink instead of in clubs.

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