Short blogs and Cool Bishops

Apologies for short blogs at the moment, the conference doesn’t allow for blogging time!
Great input this morning from Bishop Peter (Bath ‘n Wells) who I was well impressed with. He mentioned in passing a Mission report he’s wrtitten for Synod. In it he flags up ……
how few Churches have no weekly engagement with young people BUT don’t seem concerned by that!
I hope Synod hear this. Especially on the back of the “Good News for Young People” which is absolutely brilliant apart from the fact there’s no mandate for Churches to do anything about it AND no financial backing for implimentation. Doh!
Bit of a blogging convention last night on Pete’s Balcony. Some nice Irish Whisky and chatting to Pete, Miz and Sudders.

4 Replies to “Short blogs and Cool Bishops”

  1. Cant’ help but think of Blackadders baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells, being antipodean not sure if you are aware of this…
    Don’t forget to say hi to Dave Green for me – looks like a great conference centre.
    I’m WIFI now so I can’t wait to go to a conference and try it out

  2. Bishop Peter Price is a top Bish… I have known him for 15 years or so as I was at college with his son.

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