Sheddliness is next to Blogliness

Four seperate Youthblog agents sent me links to BBC’s Shed Heaven! (Thanks) I’m taking this as a cue to do an Update on all things Sheddy:
shed 150505.JPG
The outside is all finshed, final phase was to glaze the door and Creosote* the rest of the shed! Now working on the inside, have some shelves up and am constructing the floor.
Cool stuff: Can blog from the shed courtesy on an unencrypted Wi-fi somewhere is the vicinity. Next step is to get hold of 12 metres of armoured cable and a switch box to power up the shed ….. oh and an easy chair!
This mornings preach for Wardington was the first to emerge from the shed, any surreal bits will probably have been caused by the creosote* fumes. Although the biggest surprise came when the gospel reading was entirely the wrong one as per a previous post on this inevitability!
(*Oviously I was, in fact 🙂 using Creosote Substitute in line with the “Creosote Use (no.2) regulations 2003 Directive 2001/90/EC”)

4 Replies to “Sheddliness is next to Blogliness”

  1. looks better in real life – much more impressive!!
    careful when Sam gets a bit older – not being able to pitch a tent in that mountain range of your back garden will mean he has to find somewhere else to have his sleepovers!!

  2. Most impresssed. Maybe I’m missing something here, but how can the floor be one of the last things you construct?

  3. well the shed currently sits directly onto the concrete base below each of the four “walls”. The job now is to put a frame in place over which the proper floor will sit that’s therefore raised from the damp base, it will thus be warmer!

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