9 Replies to “Nomal service resumed shortly”

  1. See youve got a chair in there already … but no coffee table – where do you put the mug when youre reading the paper?

  2. emerging….did you use the word emerging?
    The reason i love your blog is because it is jargon free, really useful and encouraging. Perhaps your shed is a metaphor for life!!!???
    Will you have to change to using an apple mac now that you are entering the “emerging” set?
    Keep blogging… your blog is one of the best out there for youthworkers.

  3. Ben,
    Thanks 🙂
    Maybe you’re right about switching to a Mac now I am one of the pioneers of the emerging shed movement. However due to budgetry constraints I shall have to engineer a compromise for the moment (using my new found DIY skills) and paint my laptop white!

  4. Well Ian I have to say the shed is looking very impressive – shame I missed all the moving of materials! My concern is as to the purpose of the shed with all those windows it’s almost bordering on a greenhouse, or maybe it’s just a new method of spying on the neighbours!

  5. The only thing missing from this is a Ground Force / Changing Rooms style “Before” picture, i.e. a shot of a random, slightly overgrown corner of your garden in its pre-shed days…
    By the way, are you concerned about how your shed-related blogs attract more comments than your ones about youthwork?! 🙂

  6. Diana,
    That made me laugh …. I am tempted to enter, however my shed is clearly more of a “Shed of the Century” calibre entry!
    I wonder what makes a shed superlative?

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