Line Managers and Youth Workers

Manager.JPG Lev posted a comment about Training for Senior Ministers on managing a Youth Worker, I think this is a great idea but would extend it to be training for the minister (or Line Manger) and the worker. I’d have part of the day training on what Line Mangement is, formats, benefits of good management etc and then give space for the Manager and Worker to spend time together thrashing out how they would make it work in their context. I reckon this could work well, however would managers/workers commit to coming?
I’m in favour of this format as I think that sometimes there can be a streak of the Maverick about us Youth Workers and we also need some help on our responsibility to be managed! (I’m now bracing myself for some outraged comments!)

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  1. no outrage – agree with you. AMAZE and the EA did a day for youthworkers and line managers a few years back (Danny Brierley and Claire Lea)- it was excellent. Only trouble was that those present seemed to be in crisis and most help was late.
    Think that some of us do need help in being managed as youthworkers – we see the speck but sometimes fail to see the log in our own eye.
    Good post

  2. I tell you what I would have loved in my early years of ministry (and finally have now) – a sense of partnership more than managment.
    There are things I bring to the table that the “big church” needs and there are things the teaching pastor brings that “we” need.
    A high risk, highly vulnerable, mutually accountable partnership….
    excuse…I was dreaming again.

  3. I think this such a brilliant idea and a long time needed where youth worker and line manager sit together, hear the same information and work on making a better go of it! In the past I have been to very good seminars and training on line management but the person who needed to hear the information (i.e the line manager)was never there and when you try and pass on the information, it was never received well. Unsurprising if they think you are critising their management of you (!). If I can help, please let me know!

  4. AMAZE is still offering this kind of training and a number of dioceses have offered this as a one day training course. If you can get at least six managers and their workers gathered to gether in one place at one time we would love to do more of these and as Danny says prevention is better than dealing with the ensuing crisis!

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