Lambeth Palace

Just had a fantastic day at Lambeth Palace! Archbishop Rowan had invited 14 youth workers and 70 teenagers to spend a day at the Palace exploring together “Food for the Journey” ….. the Bible and Communion in our Christian lives. There was input from Rowan (spot on) and time for reflection, discussion and questions.
Highlights of the day included:
1. Signing the visitors book which was like a who’s who of influential people (we were the page after Kofi Annan)
2. Seeing Rowan talking to and Listening to the teenagers
3. Worship/Communion Service in the 13th Century Chapel
4. Getting to know the crew who came from the Oxford Diocese
lambeth  crew.JPG

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  1. I went to Lambeth Palace the other week but didn’t get asked to sign the visitors book – guess I’ll have to go again.
    I loved worship in the Chapel as well it was really AWEsome.

  2. taking that long-haired ‘saskwach’ with you… him in the middle of the picture…can’t you do anything about getting his hair cut?
    his father

  3. Readers of Youthblog are respectfully reminded that internal family disputes must not be aired via the comments function 🙂 Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

  4. Does ‘Sasquatch’ really have a ‘t’ in it?!
    But yes, Lambeth was an AWEsome place – think we’ll have to go back one day. Do you think the Archbish will invite us?!

  5. Heya (I found the legendary blog!)…
    lol, I’m not sure the Bishop would take us back volutarily esp. after me trying to incite him to violence against the pope and the party hat incident 😉

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