I want one of those

When I was a Parish Youth worker I had an annual budget of £1500 but with the tuck shop, trips, a little enterprise and the various camps the turnover was about £7 or £8 thousand. This was very cool and the young people and I had a lot of fun kitting out the youth-building and working out what the “must haves” were! Nostalgia eh?
If we’d have seen this then, we’d probably have been able to procure one (or two) but now I’m the Diocesan Youth Adviser I have no chance of persuading anyone that £99 on THE COOLEST light sabre ever is a worthwhile investment (even though I have already designed several talks around it).
So if you have more flexibility in your budget, watch the light sabre video and then order one! I cannot believe how cool these are …. *ahem* as a visual aid for a talk I mean 🙂