How does it feel to be a youth worker?

Someone googled Youthblog by asking,
How does it feel to be a Youth Worker?”
I’ve been thinking about this today, I was more or less settled on “pretty good” as being the definitive answer but on the drive home I kept coming back to one of Hugh Grant’s lines in “Notting Hill” i.e “Surreal but nice!”
Someone else (or it may have been the same person) asked Google, “What is the average age of a youth worker?
I have done a crude analysis by averaging out the youth workers I have spoken to this week. The answer my friends is: 36.3

5 Replies to “How does it feel to be a youth worker?”

  1. Having just taken one step closer to that age last week it is good to know that among my colleges I am still young! Even if nearly all the other youth workers I know are younger than me?

  2. You must know old youth workers Ian!! I am clearly a mere baby youth worker!! Nice to know I am not facing retirement quite yet – though some of my youth group would happily tell me I am ancient to my face! Charmers!

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