Holy Socks Batman

Succesfully navigated the Christian Resources Exhibition without turning over any tables. As ever it was a strange mixture of the trivial, twee Christian subculture AND radical organisations! The best thing, as ever, was chatting to people but I was struck by the average age being high-ish and how few Youth Workers I met apart from those manning the CYM and YFC stands. In fact anything relating to older teenagers seemed in very short supply especially compared with the plethora of stuff for Children’s work.
My only major investment was signing up for Tools for Talks, I’m giving it a go and will report on it (am quite optimistic though as I know Damaris of old and have a high regard for them). Was really hoping to have more youth resources to share but hey ho! Instead here’s a photo of the most obscure Christian Resource I came across:
Presumambly they are specifically designed for wearing with Sandals!

4 Replies to “Holy Socks Batman”

  1. my dad had some holy socks and embarassed my mom when he had to take his shoes off at an airport security check and his toes stuck out of his holy socks.. wait.. we’re talking about different types of socks. forget that story &:~D

  2. I worked at CRE two years ago. I was staying over night at Ray Khans and my bag got picked up on the train by someone, leaving me theirs in it’s place. Holy Socks were my saviours that week – I have a red pair with sheep on!! Very Cheesy but at least my feet weren’t

  3. I gave up on CRE a long time ago, its great fun to go round and find the most obscure stand possible and then try and coem up with a cutting edge youth relevent way of using whatever they are selling, well at least thats what we used to do anyhow! Btw my blog has been healed and the quiz is back up and running

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