Friday Meandering

Have decided not to write anything about “Management and Support” today but will swing back into the debate next week, especially looking at aims and objectives. In the meantime though Roy has added some great wisdom into the debate.
Dave Swain has a daily trivia competition on his blog (you’ll have to scroll the right hand column all the way to the bottom). I’ve won it the last couple of months (competitive, me?) so pitch in and shakes things up.
I’m off to the CRE next Friday (anyone else?) which I both loathe and quite enjoy. I loathe the Christian commercialism but I love chatting to people from all corners of christendom and catching up with friends.
On Tuesday to Thursday I shall be meeting up with the great, the good and the loud and the annual Diocesan Youth Officers conference. Really looking forward to this ……. theology, food, fun and discussion, oh and a bit of surfing as we are at Woolacombe! (Though not so much surfing the internet, just phoned the hotel to check internet access, “Oh no I’m afraid not but there might be somewhere in the village
And the shed! Nearly finsihed and a couple of shed groupies have asked what it’s for! Well, it’s a workshop really, a place to fettle. Specifically though I end up fixing the bikes for quite a few of the kids on the estate and having somewhere to work will make that easier. I also plan to put an armchair in there as well, It’ll be a kind of retreat centre ๐Ÿ™‚
“Blessรจd city, heavenly Salem,” which gives us:
“From celestial realms descending,
Bridal glory round thee shed,”

Thanks to Sarah for finding me an appropriate hymn!

5 Replies to “Friday Meandering”

  1. Mate I’m sure you will be greatly blessed ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hey… could you pick up one of those little furry things with cardboard feet, googly eyes and a ribbon hanging out of its proverbial, that you stick on your… well, whatever really… I would prefer one that says “Jesus loves my Laptop” or something – I feel in need of some deep theological inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. No probs Mark, I shall add it to the order I’ve had from the office here for a “nodding head Jesus” although I think it’d be fun to find the ultra conservative “head shaking Jesus” instead

  3. Hey thanks for the lil ad for the quiz, sarah has already played. I fear your crown mat be taken from you as she got 7 and i see u only managed 2!! BTW i still cant work out what the problem with the template is, its difficukt to sort out as all my browsers (even IE for Mac) shows it all fine!!

  4. Please say hello to Dave Green of St Albans DYO fame – I used to work for him in Norwich and he preached at our wedding (haven’t seen him since which is a bit embarassing!! – Thanks) Sorry I will miss you at CRE I am working on the Church Army stand on Tuesday and Thursday which is more than enough for my sanity.

  5. There is a fantastic internet cafe in Woolacombe. It is disguised as a clothes shop! I shall be frequenting the establishment all week, so I can show you where it is! Of course, a finders fee may incur (!)

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