Emerging Shed: Internal Organisational Structure

If you’re new to Youthblog ignore this post it’ll make no sense! If you are a long term reader of Youthblog you know at least to humour me on this one 🙂
As a pioneer leader in the emerging shed movement I invested some time yesterday in working on structures and organisation. It does I admit look rather traditional and not as post modern as I would have liked!
shed internal montage.jpg

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  1. The thing with emerging shed is the more “postmodern” it becomes, the less likely you are to be able to find anything you’re after.
    This in turn, if course, can lead to a “retreat” day – several hours of re-discovery (“Ah, that’s where my 3″ posi-drive went to! Now where did I fling the wrench last time I used it?”)

  2. Barrie, interesting thought! Will have to further consider this tension between objective ideas of the “correct” storage place and a much more experiential and changing view of location. While the modern approach would enable finding the traditional tool for the job, a more po-mo type implemenation may lead to new, creative and different ways of accomplishing a given job!
    (It’s a Friday, finding it hard to concentrate on anything useful so have clearly switched to waffling and procrastinating)

  3. Richard,
    You are absolutely right, I’d welcome your reflections and ideas on how the next stage of the journey might flow into the emerging layout.

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