Don’t Dis da leaflets

When I was at a statutory youth club last week there were inevitably racks on the wall with loads of pamphlets in, you know the sort of thing. They were colourful and sassy, covering topics like drugs, contraception, legal rights and the like. what surprised me though was that quite a few young people at various points in the evening came into the chill area and quite happily picked one up and read it while have a drink and/or listening to an mp3 player. I was really surprised by this but thought it was very cool.
I reckon there was some stuff to be learnt from this! Leaflets cerainly don’t replace relationship but I reckon relevant, well produced, info was a great thing. So what’s out there? I’d love to know if there’s some funky stuff across the whole spectrum of teenage issues that is written from a Christian perspective? I wonder whether tracts *shudder* have turned us off completely from the positives of leaflets?
Just thinking outloud while wi-fi-ing in McDonalds, here endeth the first musing.

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  1. On a serious note though…
    One thing to bear in mind with a display of leaflets and similar is that someone needs to take responsibility for maintaining it. I know of one church where one of Those Shelves was put up and filled with leaflets, however these very quickly became dog-eared and very sad looking. This led to the decision that leaflets weren’t popular, so the contents changed for books and videos. Unfortunately, with no one to tend to these, they quickly suffered the same fate; the shelves now stand empty.
    Which looks worse, I wonder – a messy stand of tatty looking leaflets or an information rack that contains no information?

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