Creosote Substitute

cresosote subs.jpg The shed thing maybe getting out of hand, someone found youthblog today by googling for “Creosote Substitute” …. even worse I’m fairly high on Google for this! LOL! Shed goeth well though and the electrics are now properly wired in via 17m of armoured cable through an RCD! If you understood that you are getting as bad as me 🙂
The exciting thing though from an emerging shed perspective is that that if anyone tries to use to much power, the RCD just shuts everything off. I just need to design the ecclesiological equivelant now for when anyone intentionally (ab)uses too much power in the Church!

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  1. Intrigued, I just ran “Creosote Substitute” through a few other search engines. You’ll be pleased (or possibly alarmed!) to know that Google is not the only one where you feature – you’re 5th on MSN Search and 12th and 14th with Yahoo. Shedtastic!

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