A week of Youth work

On Friday I said good-bye to a lad I’ve been mentoring for a year, I feel good about the year but not so great about my “contract” being over. He’s a guy that was referred through the “Youth Offending Team” and during the year he has seriously wound me up at times but I’m going to miss him. On the plus note though all the work on getting him to think about the future seems to have had some success, he’s been an archetypal N.E.E.T for a while now BUT it looks like he is going to engage with a college course and some work experience (thanks to Connexions)! Told him I’ll miss him and will continue to pray for him, didn’t manage to ween him off his McDonalds dependancy though 🙁
dope-dec.jpg Other youth work stuff this week. Fun time at a youth club, learnt to play a game called “BullS**t …. it’s actually “Cheat” but I guess the teenage version 🙂 Also had a reminder why “Dope” is called Dope after chatting to a bunch of 13 and 14 year old girls at the club who were herbally adjusted, one of them forgot what she was talking about half way through a sentence!
Also been trying to devise a one sided, helpful but simple questionaire to try and get a clearer picture of what is and isn’t happening youth wise in the Diocesan Churches. Really useful comments from those kind enough to cast a critical eye over it, all I have to do now is try and persuade 600+ Churches to cough up the info. Ho hum!
When I know, you’ll know you know!
(NEET: Not in Education, Employment or Training)

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  1. So dope has the same effect as age then… does it cause grey hair as well? … if so thats me “sorted”!

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