Veggie Rocks

I’ve added a new album to my mp3’s on the IPAQ! I have a great collection of loud and proud music that I tend to listen to when cycling (fast). At the moment there’s stuff like Northern Pikes, Transvison Vamp, The Men they couldn’t hang, The Alarm and of course, Meatloaf.
You’re never alone when you can put on the ‘phones
and let the drummer tell your heart what to do

veggierocks.jpg But I recently discovered Veggie Rocks! The combination of the mad/weird/funny veggie songs and cool bands is awesome! High Energy, fast paced surreal Rock! Now it may be that it’s a nostalgia thing as I’ve done lots of youth events where Veggie Tales has been a funky late night video option. But it may just be that it’s great fun!
If your youth group have ever encountered veggie tales then I recommend this CD. If you or they never have then check out such classics as “The Water Buffalo Song,” “Where is my hairbrush” and “The Pirates who don’t do anything!” (there’s samples of the tracks on the web site above!)
Must remember to try not to sing along when I’m cycling though!

The Fun of being a DYO

One of the great things about being a DYO (actually I’m a DYA, “Youth Adviser” but DYO (“Officer”) seems to be the generic term) is that I get to visit all sorts of youth groups and projects. Not only is it a blast meeting the young people but I learn an enormous amount observing youth work in so many contexts.
On Friday for instance I led a session on Spirituality at a small group that meets in a leader’s home. This particular group was led by a leader of 71, she’d met a bunch of girls when she was a volunteer at a holiday club a few years previously and as a result of that had started a group which is still going strong. It was fun to see the rapport she had with these teenage girls and the regard they held for her. Next time a Church tells me they are all too old to be working with young people I’ll tell them this story, you’re never too old to be a significant adult friend to young people!
Next week I’m off to a really vibrant village youth group to talk about Sex! (I’m at least guaranteed that they’re interested in the subject!) I saw this picture and it made me laugh, it’s the sort of photo opportunity my old youth group wouldn’t have been able to resist either!

Creosote Substitute

cresosote subs.jpg The shed thing maybe getting out of hand, someone found youthblog today by googling for “Creosote Substitute” …. even worse I’m fairly high on Google for this! LOL! Shed goeth well though and the electrics are now properly wired in via 17m of armoured cable through an RCD! If you understood that you are getting as bad as me 🙂
The exciting thing though from an emerging shed perspective is that that if anyone tries to use to much power, the RCD just shuts everything off. I just need to design the ecclesiological equivelant now for when anyone intentionally (ab)uses too much power in the Church!

Mangement and Support, the ongoing conversation

Mangement stuff is still what’s hot in Youth Ministry blogdom and also what’s raw stuff in a lot of cases. Sarah has linked to a couple of stories here and I often read “Dead Youth Pastor Walking” and find his reflections challenging.
Ben has flagged up writing a book on managing youth workers, it’d be great if so many negative experiences could at least be partially redeemed by helping future youth workers eh.
Teenage Pressure.jpg

Youth Worker’s Annual Appraisal

If you’re a youth worker or youth minister employed by a Church could you let me know if you have:
a) Regular Line Management Meetings and their frequency
b) An annual appraisal/review

I was asked yesterday to produce an annual review form for Church Youth Workers Download file. If you’ve got other examples please could I see them? oh and if you’ve got a set agenda for regular supervision meetings I’d love to see that too.
Thanks for the help 🙂
This blog post is via me being a wi-fi bandit again. I had to do the school run and for reasons too complicated to explain we were VERY early. My youngest was playing an advanced technical playground game, the rules of which seemed to be: shout very loudly at someone and run away then stand still and allow yourself to be shouted at very loudly …. then run away (repeat ad-infinitum). So in a moment of optimism I flicked open the laptop and *Ping*, the whole of the world wide web opened up while I was sitting on a picnic bench correctly designed for a 5 year old (ouch!)

The teenager vs Richmond on Thames

This is an encouraging story, a young person is challenging Richmonds Council’s use of “dispersal zones” as a form of curfew for under 16’s. The Young person “W” started the case in September but I guess it’s now reached court as the BBC covered it this morning. This could be an important case, particularly in light of all the “demonizing” of young people recently.

I want one of those

When I was a Parish Youth worker I had an annual budget of £1500 but with the tuck shop, trips, a little enterprise and the various camps the turnover was about £7 or £8 thousand. This was very cool and the young people and I had a lot of fun kitting out the youth-building and working out what the “must haves” were! Nostalgia eh?
If we’d have seen this then, we’d probably have been able to procure one (or two) but now I’m the Diocesan Youth Adviser I have no chance of persuading anyone that £99 on THE COOLEST light sabre ever is a worthwhile investment (even though I have already designed several talks around it).
So if you have more flexibility in your budget, watch the light sabre video and then order one! I cannot believe how cool these are …. *ahem* as a visual aid for a talk I mean 🙂