Zen and the art of shed making

Apologies for the indulgence but for the really small bunch of people who are (or pretend to be) interested in the building project ….. tada, here it is in all it’s emerging sheddiness:
shed 30th.JPG
“Today the walls, tomorrow the roof!” sound of *maniacal laughter*

3 Replies to “Zen and the art of shed making”

  1. Why are you building from scratch? Is it cheaper? do you have plans? I am considering replacing my old shed and wondering what is the best way to go about it.

  2. Kris, never thought I’d get a “shed” enquiry type comment!
    I built it from scratch because:
    1. Cheaper (for me)
    2. More Fun
    I reckon its MUCH cheaper to buy a shed kit (Wickes is the place to buy from!)unless like me you’ve been saving up scrounged wood, windows, doors etc and had a big stockpile. I wanted something fairly big (7ft by 9ft) and I couldn’t afford anything that large ….. hence building from scratch which has been fun, even so it’s amazing how much extra stuff I’ve had to buy (ouch). Design was only in my head!!!!

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