Youth Workers cars

Indebted to Sudders for linking to the results of the “Hideous cars owned by youth workers” competition! Made me laugh!
When I was first a volunteer youth leader I had an Austin Allegro Estate but I did have a Public Address system build in to it, being able to talk to passers by, crowds etc I thought was fab! (The car also had stick-on bullet holes for reasons I forget). Up until 2 years ago though my car was an old 1988 VW Polo that I was given by one of the youth leaders. Due to a leaky passenger door though I had to tape it shut. Clearly this is not acceptable if giving lifts to young people so my mental risk assessment neccessitated un-taping the door for youth work then taping it back up afterwards!
Fiat Panda.jpg
Most distinctive youth work car I know of at the moment is Deep Thought’s Fiat Panda. Nearly every other example of this late 80’s shoebox have rusted away but this one gets welded back together every year and it just keeps on going ….. just!
I’d love a really cool minibus, that would be excellent! What would your ultimate youthworker-mobile be?
Just had an e-mail from Ian (Oxford Vineyard), he’s found this minibus for £695 on Autotrader. All it needs is a re-spray in black and the Youthblog logo adding.

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  1. I think Scarlet (the aformentioned VW Polo) would have rated highly in that competition, but then so would the Hairdryer for being a 50cc moped…
    Just as well the competition wasn’t for the nicest car and that Chris n Rosie aren’t in youthwork anymore!! tehehe

  2. I reckon dave walkers camper van has to be one of the best I’ve seen – notwithstanding my Capri of course!(May it rust in peace).

  3. Oooh! Though I should point out that the picture is not actually of Charlie car!
    It is fantastic for bearing much stuff of a youth work nature as it turns into a mini van. It carried all the equipment for our youth weekend a few days ago and currently has two candle stands, a music stand, a mic stand and a thurible in it which the boss asked me to transport back from our conference today!

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