The Espresso Machine is the new Organ

Great quote from Andrew Jones which touches briefly on the relationship between emerging church and coffee. Have a read of his experience of preaching at an emerging church in Germany, encouraging stuff!
The Espresso Machine is the new Organ
Reading the encouraging stories made me wonder about less than encouraging ones. If you’ve got any host church nightmare stories from when you went to do a preach do tell ……

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  1. A second hand story, but worth telling….
    A previous vicar here told me a story of a time when he was invited to a local church to speak at one of their services. Just before the service started, he was a little nervous and popped to the toilet. (I’ve been wondering how to put this next bit, so I hope I manage to be on the right side of crude!) He was in the middle of the sit down (for men) kind of toilet visitation, when he realised that there was no toilet paper. Gathering himself together in a quiet moment of panic, he plucked up the courage to open the cubicle door to look around for some suitable, pliable matter to assist him along the way. Alas there was none to be seen, and at the risk of exposing himself to unknown members of another church he shuffled back into the changing room. He foraged through his pockets, desperately searching for a suitable substitute, a pack of chewing gum, some spare change and in his inside jacket pocket his sermon notes! Without asking what you would do in a similar situation, I will proceed and tell you that, this was the first time he had ever preached without notes. So the next time you hear the line “I had prepared something so say tonight, but I just feel the spirit telling me not to use my notes, and to just go with what’s happening” you might just want to check the Loo roll in the church toilet.

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