Random Stuff, Youth ministry jobs & a Shed

Too much of my mind wandering time on the drive to work is being occupied with the shed I’m building (designing it I should add, not just being preoccupied with the shedness of it). As a result I have no coherent blog to present this morning, sorry! However I have a stash of contextless randomness to offer:
New (to me) Youth Ministry blogs to check out: Holy Phil, Stu’s Rants and Ministry via Mistakes! Events: CPAS are putting on some training called “Liquid Worship and the All-Age Church” in Warwick on July 2nd. Jobs: Schools work job in Oxford Download file, DYO job in Coventry Download file.
Apologies for randomness of entry AND if anyone is interested here’s a picture of my emerging shed, how sheddy is that!
shed smaller for blog.JPG
(You’ll notice I’ve already put in a window, smart huh? I can now see what I’m doing)

6 Replies to “Random Stuff, Youth ministry jobs & a Shed”

  1. Emerging Shed, with solid foundations and no walls. Emerging with …….foundations and plenty of walls going up fast?

  2. It’s definitely an emerging shed. Recognisable foundation but uncertainty as to what it will eventually look like!

  3. I am partly intrigued partly jealous
    Jealous – I am rubbish at DIY but would love to be able to wield a drill creatively. Last time my wife allowed me to do diy I glued my feet to the floor (seriously)
    Intrigued – why the heck a window on the side of a shed that looks at ANOTHER SHED!

  4. If it was emergENT you could just pile up the bits and call it an organic shed 🙂 or is there an inherent structure to “shed” that means it cannot be “shed” without core values and key signs????

  5. Personally, I’m very impressed with the fact that you have a window. Without it, that shed would just be so dark, how would you see through those thick walls?

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