Lets talk about Sex

young_couple_embrace_kiss_lg_clr.gif After a couple of chats recently I’m wandering whether to put together a training evening on how to “do” sex with your youth group. I’ve sensed quite a level of fear and reluctance to sexuality being part of the programme, it’d be great to be able to help on this subject.
Youthblog agents have unearthed a TV programme coming out which may be really useful. I’ve not been able to verify the details but it might be called “Romance Academy” but it’s scheduled for transmission this year. From what I hear it could be fantastic, it works with 12 young people who as a result of the programme abstain from sex for a number of weeks and explores the issues and positives that arise. If anyone knows any more let me know ….
Any doubts that we really need to help young people explore and engage with the subject should check out these stats from the Guardian.

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  1. We did a series called “Good Sex” – youthspecialities does it. Very good but as you already know – know your audience. It is explicit – doesn’t hold anything back.
    We did one night were we invited the parents, told them what we were going to do and when so they could plan accordingly.
    Keep running!

  2. this my quetion might be different but i want to know i am dating a girl for the first time all that give her is only kiss pls advice me wut to do b4 it get worst.

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