Laughter in the war zone called life

“Laughing may just be the greatest spiritual resource available to us, occupying as it does the wetlands between despair and insanity. In our laughing we give voice to the entire tragedy and joy of human survival in the war-zone of life. Perhaps it is laughter which is the image of God within us.” – Mike Riddell

2 Replies to “Laughter in the war zone called life”

  1. Hoorah! More laughter blogging! That dude’s been reading Neil Schaffer’s ‘The Art of Laughter’. Or maybe just the Bible.
    I wonder how often people think of God laughing. I mean *really* laughing. Like rolling on the floor in tears because he cannot stop giggling. His sides ache, he can hardly breathe (actually… does God breathe?), and he cannot physically string two words together in order to explain what the joke is becuse the laughter just keeps on coming.
    What a great image. It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

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