Lambeth Palace

Had a great time at Lambeth palace yesterday as part of the planning for an event on May 7th. Seven Dioceses will be taking a party of young people to an event there called “Food for the journey” with is being led by the Archbishop. I’m really pleased that young people from the Diocese will have chance to talk to Rowan, allowing their faith, life and church experience to be heard.
I took loads of photo’s with the camera phone as it is a funky place and wanted to upload them to blogdom, but during the briefing from the Press secretary we were told to remind the young people that photo’s are not allowed to be taken in the Palace, oops! (Might work on an artists impression today instead!)

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  1. Which young people from Oxford Diocese will be going to this event? Is it open to all or just selected groups?
    More info. please.

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