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Fantastic day yesterday at the “Spirituality and Young People” conference in London. It’s triggered ton(nes) of thought, both the sessions and the conversations. I’m not going to blog about it until tomorrow as I’m still distilling some of the stuff and working out what is helpfully blogable and what needs to wait for the research to be published.
It was a great day for networking though and even more importantly the chance to complete some more of my I-Spy book of Bloggers. I managed to spot Diana and that’s worth 30 points!
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  1. I want an I-spy bloggers book – I LOVED THOSE when I was a kid!
    We should TOTALLY do a real one for Greenbelt – a challenge for Dave W I think!!!

  2. Good day 🙂 Got a bit bored with Rob Frost – sorry Rob if youre reading – all felt a bit “same old – same old” tweaking around the edges! Steve Hollinghurst was excellent on Glasto.

  3. 30 points – I’m flattered!!!
    I spyed Jonny Baker (bit of a cheat I was in his seminar) how many points is that worth and how many points do I get for Mr Youthblog himself?
    Have to agree about the Frost thing I was climbing the walls this was supposed to be Spirituality not a particular brand of evangelism.

  4. looks like quite a few agreements on the Rob Frost thing yesterday. I felt that this part lost touch with the rest of the day (which was excellent)- hope people mentioned it in the feedback.

  5. Sorry I was not there – there was a problem with a YFC block booking which meant I had to do somethign else on that day.
    Be interested to hear more on the content at some time

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