G8 Summit in July

The G8 are meeting in Edinburgh and on July 2nd there will be a MASSIVE rally in support of Make Poverty History. The rally will be family friendly, a bit of a party and there will be loads happening.
But how will I get to Edinburgh Ian?
virgin_trains.jpg Well, if you live in Oxford Diocese then you can join the specially chartered train. It’ll leave Oxford at 07:00 and return at 00:30. It would be great to take a group from your church including young people and go make a global difference while having a fun day out.
Cost is £40 return BUT Christian Aid need enough genuine interest in the next couple of days to justify the MASSIVE cost involved. If you’re up for it please e-mail SCla[email protected] asap, lets really get behind this one!

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  1. Sounds great!
    We are looking at taking a group from Banbury any chance the train would stop at Banbury on the way up?
    What time is the train expected into Edinburgh and what time would we leave Edinburgh?

  2. The idea is great BUT as time goes on those of us who have already sent in cheques (many weeks ago now) are still no nearer securing a cheap means of getting to Edinburgh and the standard super-saver type tickets are no longer available because we are too late to book!
    Are Virgin Trains going to finally say NO and trust that we will buy the full price ticket after all?
    It is possible to get to Edinburgh for about £47 return by Natioinal Express bus, with an overnight option (for the over 60’s, anyway).
    Time for a decision, please.

  3. Virgin Trains have indeed said the train will not run. Chrisitan Aid and Oxfam are running coaches- for the day/weekend/overnight break on the way there.
    There is too much detail for me to list here so I hope “blogger” will pick it up.

  4. it’s a great idea…if you booked the national express AGES ago you could have got a return ticket for about £4…but seriously…you could always join the cyclists!

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