CAUTION: Mild Peril

If you’re a fan of animated films, as indeed Herr Youthblog is, then you may have noticed an odd thing that has crept into the classification recently? On the back of The Incredibles DVD case you’ll find the warning “contains mild action violence and peril!” Now I’m pretty sure that I’ve not been warned of “peril” before but lo, checking out Valiant I am further censured that it contains “some peril”
Cruise n bruise.GIF Now I have to say I like this word, it has a certain swashbuckling romance to it! The dictionary has much to say about Peril, but the nub of it is this: “a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury” or “a state of danger involving risk
Now I like the phraseology of this warning and would like to see it adopted in youth work. “The Youth programme may involve mild peril
That’d be pretty cool. Young people need risk, they seek it out … it’s part of growing up, it’s part of living! I’m not advocating ripping up the health and saftey policy but can you have adventure without an honest bit of mild peril? NO FEAR had a great slogan that I liked,
“If you’re not living on the edge
then you’re taking up to much space”

Not sure where this ramble is going really, just the “Peril” thing got me thinking. The assumption might be that youth work/ministry is about young people being somewhere away from risk but where does that sit with our desire to see young people grow into all that they can be? It strikes me that being a follower of Jesus is a perilous activity ….. certainly was for Paul!
I feel really alive when I’m dicing with the traffic in Oxford on my bike, being the fastest vehicle through the congestion, racing cars away from the lights, overtaking cars on the outside. Peril is cool but where does this on the edge, carpe diem stuff fit within youth work? I don’t know, I just wonder if risk innoculated youth work is a neutered and ineffective pastiche?
(It might be that I had too much random thinking time today while I was digging a BIG hole in the garden)

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  1. Youthwork witghout danger is just not worth doing! I love danger and so do a lot of young people. I get so frustrated with all the rules and regulations that have come in over the past few years. I relaise that some of them are about saftey but others are just plain daft or simply about preventing a claim. The fact that schools have been stopping trips and stuff because of fear of being sued is proof that we have gone mad!! I was amazed last week when i took the friends from Scotland to the museum of Welsh life. It has loads of houses from hundredds of years ago with rela people dressed out and living out there daily lives. In one house we found a young boy tending to an open fire in the middle of the room. The house was full of smoke as it no chimney!! It was a real 2 finger salute to the PC brigade!! I’m not actually sure how they didi it but im glad they did

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