Blogito ergo sum

soap box.jpg Huzzah, I’ve completed a years worth of blogging but three months ahead of schedule! This is the 366th post since I started Youthblog in August ….. and there was me wandering if I would be able to think of anything to say! I love being part of the blogosphere and it’s become part of my life, I blog therefore I am (Blogito ergo sum)!
In the car I was trying to work out who the regular readers are. These are who I think you are: Nick J, Dr Sarah, Kristofer, Mark B, Stu P, KTvS, Tessa, Sudders, Pete M, Acting Phil, Diana, Nick L, Kathryn, Abigail, Johnny B, Graham, Gavin, Paul, Richard P, Nigel, Tony, Stu, Pete L, Roy, Peter, Dave W, Richard, Barrie, Dave, Ben, Simon, Rob, Ken, Tony, Andy, Dan, Kevin, Robert, Alice, Katie, Mike, Robert, Grant, Lewis, Crispin, Ian, Mark M, Andrew G, Giles and ….
Have I missed you out? Let me know and I’ll add you in.
THANKS to all readers, known and unknown, commenters and musers, challengers and agreers, volunteers and full timers!

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  1. Congrats mate – it’s good to be getting back on the blogmill too – feels like I’ve never been away 😉

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