Are you still on about Preaching?

whitefield.jpg Maybe “preaching” is too loaded a word (thanks Sarah, Richard et al) but I do believe in communication. I do believe that when we move our emphasis from “teaching” to “learning” then great things can happen, including dialogue, media and engagement with more than just the sense of hearing. I believe these things can exist within what I call the preach! Although having read Richards comments this is probably not the correct starting place. I will attempt not to mention preaching tomorrow but look at some communication stuff in relation to young people.
Before I get off preaching though I recall that some American Churches a few years back had asked a Madison Avenue Company to do a piece of consultation work. The Churches had comissioned a study around how to more effectively use the “sermon slot”
If my recollection is correct then the summary revolved around three points:
1. Know your people
2. Involve your people
3. Be/use the visual
I also recall that there was a book around entitled “Why nobody learns much of anything in Church!”