April Fools day

It was a slow traffic day on the blog yesterday, hope that the fifteen regulars chuckled mirthfully at the April foolery. To the forty new visitors yesterday (who probably won’t be returning anyway) my apologies if things were a little too obtuse! (I’m not sure which nations have “April Fools” day and which do not? anyone ….) Suffice it to say we do in the UK and its a licence to be silly. It’s also fair to say that the only real international commercial interest in youthblog has been from spammers, the site remains unsold although bidding on e-bay is up to 23pence now!
Pete picked up a good jape on the emerging Church site and the wibsite have found the site for the Christian theme park (which sadly is not a joke, at least not intentionally) Oh and talking of the wibsite (yes we were, concentrate) they’ve added to their yoofwork pages with a helpful guide to running a residential.
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