honda_accord_thingsjustwork.jpg Deep Thought launched into her blog yesterday by mentioning the advert for Honda, “Cog” although she couldn’t remember what it was for! (not uncommon with adverts, apparently every time Thora Hird appeared on TV advertising stair lifts, Stannah’s sales went up even though she was in fact advertsing a different company!)
Anyway Sarah’s post got me looking at the ad’ again which is fantastic and was actually done (not cgi’d) and thinking about all things advertsy. Absolute Andy has kindly put loads of great ones (including the Honda one) on his web site.
I haven’t got a TV and generally the only thing I miss are the adverts especially as they are so great for sessions and getting young people to discuss the message behind the advert. So highly recommend downloading some stuff from Andy’s site OR even better buy the annual DVD from British TV Advert Awards! or watch the adverts online!
Oh and as we’re talking about the Honda advert, you’ll find the spoof version from 118 118 here!
Oh, for a bit of Friday fun: What’s your fav’ ever advert and why?

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  1. Oh dear – what a spectacular way to procrastinate! Have just spent the last quarter of an hour checking out ads on the BTAA website. I love the Orange ones – the whole idea ‘Don’t let a mobile phone ruin your movie’ and putting that in the ad for the phone… a stroke of genius in taking the mick out of yourself to gain respect. “Less widescreen – more phone screen”… I love those dudes.

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