Youthwork the A to Z

thinker1.jpg Have you ever thought about how it is that YOUR mind works? I have the most bizarre thoughts then mentally run with them ….. but I don’t know if this is how other people think or not. I remember a girlfriend saying, “you’re weird” when I’d described a thought process that occupied most of the journey to see her. The scenario was, I had this bizarre thought that the next hitch-hiker I picked up would be Bruce Cockburn (Canadian singer songwriter) but it was followed by the thought that I wouldn’t be sure it was him …. I then ran mentally for ages with how many of his album titles and track titles I could work into the imaginary conversation that was developing in my mind. Thus seeing if I could spot a reaction and therefore know it really was him! So blog buddies, am I weird or is this normal cognitive behaviour?
Oh yes, the point of this pre-amble was that yesterday I had this great idea for an A-Z of youth work! I thought it’d be fun to write a humorous, useful, reflective piece letter by letter on youthwork. This is what occupied most of my driving time yesterday! (the pre-amble was just because it had made me wonder if we all think in roughly the same way)
Anyway, need your help with this A-Z of youthwork, ran out of thinky space before I’d come up with anything for “Q” “Z” “Y” “J” and obviously “X” your suggestions for these letters and any others REALLY appreciated.
Oh, really need better ones than I came up with for “n” “k” and “b” too!
(Was looking at some Freud yesterday, in the german original he doesn’t use the latin, id, ego and superego it’s rendered as the it, the “I” and the super I ….. thought you should know!)

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  1. ‘y’ YOU that is you are important and its not just about young people being important, look after self, prayer, time out blah de blah

  2. Good suggestion BUT NOW I’ve got “It’s all about you” by Mcfly in my brain and it won’t go away ….. aaarrrggghghhghghghghg

  3. I don’t have thought processes quite like yours… but I do try to organise things in my mind so that I can understand or remember it better.
    Q is for questioning.

  4. Z – zig zag, the idea that you often have an idea where you want to take the youth work but the young people themeselves arnt quite sure, so u have to tack (sailing term for sailing upwind) ur way along instaed of a straight line. Or if like me you have a natural tendancy to go off on tangents with thoughts and stuff especially when preaching!

  5. I think i think like you Ian, but my wife says that I’m weird, too.
    She once asked me, in one of those bfriend/gfriend moments when we were still unsure of each other, “What are you thinking?”
    To which my honest answer was “How I’d go about building a cornflake fountain, you know with a giant bowl at the bottom and huge cornflakes cascading into the bowl from a great big packet for all eternity. That’d be really cool.”
    We still call these my Cornflake Fountain moments!
    Anyway. . .
    Q = Questions
    Y = You
    X = X-ray vision (what are they up to behind the stage/bins/tree?)
    J = Jenga – the bricks come in handy for “building prayer”
    Z = erm… a zebra? Degree in zoology? Knowing when to keep my mouth Zipped?

  6. I agree your wierd, however in Common with you and Dave I find nyself having simular conversations with my wife. My trouble is when I turn my random ideas in youth work ideas. One was I wonder if Banannas are really a slippery as on cartoons. We then did a youth night covering the wooden floor of the hall with Banannas to see how far we could slide. I am having visions of building a sponsored giant cornflake mountain as I misread Dave’s post.
    X= xenaphobia the opposite of what we are trying to achieve
    Z= zombie how most youthworkers feel after a residential

  7. Clearly I should be doing something else right not but annoyingly you have set ME thinking!
    Q Quiet times?
    Z Zzzzz sleep on residentials
    Y Youth A-Z and you can’t think of a Y??? YOUTH and adulthood
    J Justice knowing their rights etc
    X-rated – THOSE conversations
    N nutrition – the hot topic of the hour!
    K Kryptonite – the dangerous habits of youthwork
    B BOYS either work with or talking about them with girls

  8. i think you’re weird ian, who thinks of canadian singer songwriters.. now a cornflake fountain, that’s something to think about.

  9. Great suggestions, keep em coming … much appreciated 🙂 The jury is divided happily on whether my cognitive processes are screwy but I’m delighted that Barrie trumps even my most random moments with his eternal cornflake fountain muse!

  10. I don’t have any suggestions to hand, but I think to an extent it’s a man thing, do you also find that when you are entering a tricky situation you run it over and over in your mind only to find it was a lot easier and nothing like what you imagined?
    Perhaps Z – is for Zany, you have to be at least a little to consider any form of full time ministry!

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