Youthblog’s Monday Allsorts

Useful: Kens Resource Page. lots of good stuff for youth ministry and well laid out!
Funny: Bible quiz doping probe! Courtesy of the crazy lot at Lark News
Oxford Diocese: Saltmine Theatre Company coming to Wokingham and Oxford in May
UK Techy: Just picked up a fab offer from BT, they’re offering their 250 mins openzone wifi package for £2 a month for 3 months, no strings attached (well as long as you cancel it or it goes onto a 12 month contract at £10 a month)
DVD Ripper: Finally found one that works well for getting clips into Powerpoint, it’s called AoA, and it’s easy to use. ($34)

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  1. i think it’s cool i am reading a blog from a day that hasn’t happened for my yet. as for the bible quiz scandal, i was falling out with their “quiz cocktails.” oh, the larknews

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