Youth Minister profile, Spidey or Batman?

spideybatmn.jpg Ok I know this sounds like one of my more bizarre entries but I found this on Deputy blog and hey it’s an interesting reflection! The idea being that are we as Youth Ministers effective by nature of the resources we have available (Batman) or by the internal resources (Spiderman)? Good question I thought. I got distracted while I was thinking about this and found a “Which superhero are you” quiz and came out as Spiderman, sorted!
I quite like this “Superhero” idea though because there is some resonance with youth work. I guess not so much the super hero powers although valuing and liking young people is quite a gift. It’s the area of being misunderstood and a failure to recognize our “super” work, as in:
“What EXACTLY do you do all day?”
“When are you going to get a proper job?”
“You’re wasting your time trying to do anything with THAT guy/girl!”
“Some of us work for a living!”
“That’s the trouble with you do-gooders!”

Misunderstandings aside, it is an incredible role that we have eh!
incredibles Mr.jpg

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  1. We did a really good session for All Saints using “Saints as SuperHeroes”
    We started by showing Shrek saving Fiona from the Tower – the best untypical Hero there is.
    Went on to look at attributes of a Hero in the context of some people they’d recognise:
    Discipline (Mother Theresa)
    Training (Paula Radcliffe who’d just won the NY marathon)
    Overcoming Hurdles (Tony Adams)
    Standing up for Beliefs (Bono / Band Aid)
    We ended up creating a Saint by drawing round the Vicar on a big piece of paper and adding on the qualities that a SuperHero style Saint would have (strong knees for bending in prayer; big ears for listening, etc. etc.)
    Funnily enough, not one of the kids thought that we as youth ministers were superheroes.
    Wait til I see them next!

  2. As seems to be the popular choice I too am apparently Spiderman, it would be interesting to do a survey of people from within different professions and see if each group on average came out as the same hero?

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