Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church

practising passion.jpg I have a list on my blog-roll page of books that are currently on the go, I guess they are there so you you might think, “Hey that looks interesting!” and pick up a copy just as I do with other peoples reading lists! However “Practicing Passion” by Kenda Creasy Dean cannot idly sit in the reading list passively suggesting the possibility of reading, this book HAS to be read if you are involved with youth ministry! It’s a finely crafted, deeply theological practical inspiration with a passionate heart for God and for young people with some vital things to say to us and the Church.
Anyway, you get the point!
“Most congregations confine Divine passion to Holy Week, and view adolescent passion as a hormonal rite of passage, not as the fingerprint of God. Prevailing wisdom suggests that passion, like algebra and acne, should be endured not exegeted” Dean

3 Replies to “Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church”

  1. this book is undoubtedly top of my list for any youth ministry person. It is awesome.
    Have now read it through a few times and still find nuggets in there!

  2. don’t make me feel bad for having it on my list of books that i have started but have yet to really digest.. i’ll get to it, must work through my disorder and the multiple of other books.

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