Time management as a volunteer

I’m aware that quite a lot of the discussion about Time management was related to employed youth work positions even though it’s critical for the volunteers too, more so! I was thinking about this and reflecting on my time as a volunteer leader, in terms of getting the most out of limited availability I thunked the following:
1. Recognise that this is a ministry
2. Say no to other jobs in the church in order to invest what energy/time you realistically have the most effectively.
3. Enable the young people to own, be involved with and help deliver the programme
4. If at all possible get to some form of training where you are with other volunteers. This is a massive boost in terms of ability, encouragement and confidence.
5. If there’s a team of you, do something fun as a team

6. Be clear with yourself and the Church what time you can give.
Just a few thunks! I reckon number 2. is critical so I attach a couple of resources to help with that!
A sound File to use as a No! Download file
A detailed crafted written response: Download file

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  1. some good guidelines, i look forward to read more of your time management stuff, when i have time.. haha.
    looking at #3 i wanted to get your take that a friend of mine brought to my attention he said this, “First, the youth will be involved in the discerning of the project. Quite often a task is placed in front of them and they are told to “get to work” for the sake of the Gospel, hoping that somehow they will be transformed through this experience.”
    his website: http://www.samuelservice.com

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