The Times they are a Changing

Really interesting post from Diana today on getting the traditional Church to recognise that there needs to be new things happening. Her reflection began from discovering there was a clock winding rota and she asks:
How do we encourage those who are stalwart members of the Church and on the clock winding rota etc to see that the church as it is will not be the answer to everyone’s needs? I am not asking for them to enjoy the alternatives on offer but simply to accept that for some there need to be alternatives.
church_clock.jpg Good question I thought and I reckon that the clock produces a thinking point for of the changes that have taken place, in fact it’s a good metaphor. The clock was originally put there so the people of the town would look to the tower in order to find out the time. Things however have changed and most people have many different sources to draw from to know the time, watches, mobile phone, computers etc. Where once they would have automatically looked to the Church there are now no end of competing sources of chronological information! It’s the same with Faith, where people would have automatically looked to the Church they now view it like the tower clock as inaccurate, archaic and irrelevant to modern day life. If Christians don’t recognise new forms of church and the neccessity of mission then it won’t just be the clock that winds down and stops!

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  1. but there are some who don’t wear a watch and when they look to the church no-one has bothered to wind the clock. it is very dissapointing to be the person who looks to a church to find a basis for their faith they find a semi-abandoned uselessness.

  2. I agree with KT. Whilst it is true that the use of the Church clock as the main source of time for a town is now gone, it, like the church tower, often with a flag pole, marks the presence of the Church in the parish. People can hear the chimes, or the bells on a Sunday, see the flag and be reminded that there is a Christian community.
    Having said that, it does highlight an important point, that we have to have a living Christian community, not just a group of curators of a liturgical and spiritual museum.
    As with everything in the Church, we have to strike a balance between the centuries of the rich history and heritage that we have been given, against how we are called to express our faith today. We need to be using the best of the past, alongside ways in which the Church can be relevant today.

  3. having your clock next to this post also makes me realise: my goodness is that the time. even though of course the bottom-right corner of my screen tells me the numbers if i care to look.
    whether we look up to the church tower and church authority or not, and whether we try to meet our needs for community there or elsewhere,
    however we express our faith today, it’s good to be reminded of God’s word:
    “It is Time to Seek the Lord”

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