The great Firefox vs IE6 debate

weighedUp2.JPG I am currently using two different Browsers for meandering around on the web. IE6 is the only one that works with the blog and its kind of familiar. However Firefox means I’m a paid up member of the counter Microsoft liberation army. There’s bit about both browsers I like though.
One REALLY cool thing about Firefox though is that if you’re reading a web page you can highlight a piece of text, right click it and select “search web!” Firefox then does a google search in a seperate window that exists as a tabbed card. Cool huh? You can quickly look up about stuff that you’re reading. Nice touch!

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  1. I use firefox pretty much all the time, including for blogging, the frustration comes when wanting to do internet banking etc, I would rather have the extra security offered by firefox but most banks are not yet compatible? But have to say have not been a big fan of ie for quite some time!

  2. One of the best features of Firefox for me is the built in RSS feed support, also called Live Bookmarks, that allows me to easily keep up with blogs. I have them all on my main bookmark list and can quickly see who has posted new entries and the titles.
    With regards to sites rejecting Firefox and explicitly wanting IE6, there is an extension called “User Agent Switcher” that allows Firefox to disguise itself as IE6. In most cases the sites are useable with Firefox, despite what they say. (Having a Mac, we don’t have IE6 at all, but I don’t need to drop back to a PC at all with Firefox and the switcher!)

  3. I love firefox and used it for about 8 months in it’s many releases. I have relented to using IE6… somehow it works better. I wish I had a mac!

  4. Download the free Google toolbar for IE, and you can do the same right-click and search thing with that.

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