The fun case of the Church and the Bacon Butties

I work with quite a lot of churches who have lost touch with young people but want to make a difference, they feel though they could never run a “youth group” so they feel there’s nothing they can do! I try and get them to think outside of the youth group model and to be asking what the needs are in their community. In line with that here’s a great story that Nick Lear (Baptist legend and top blokey) told me:
bacon_buttie.jpg A Church on a housing estate had (if I remember rightly) an ageing congregation but a big heart! In looking out at their community they took an interest in the teenagers that congregated outisde of their church every weekday morning waiting for the school bus. They discovered that many of the young people had not had any breakfast! The Church thought I’d would be great if they could really bless those young people and do something practical SO every Friday morning they’d cook lots of Bacon Butties and share breakfast with the teens free of charge! How cool is that? A Friday celebration of food and chat as well as meeting a need.
It’s a story that really encouraged me, to imagine all those great conversations happening over Bacon butties! The Church getting to know, to listen to young people from the estate. That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about!

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  1. it’s great to see old ideas coming around, Hot chocolate from an adapted shopping tolley with a small gas stove works well too. I also worked with a church opposite a school and we looked at simular ideas for the parents who would be waiting to pick up the children in the afternoon, hot choc in the winter and ice lollies in summer. Great way of connecting up the youthh work and community, and provides a good non threatening way of opening up the youth work to new people.

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