Technical ethics

I’m facing a couple of big ethical qustions regarding the blog today. First off “Pictures” Is it legitimate to lift and use pictures from the google images board? I’ve always avoided using any original work or copyrighted stuff but today someone called into question the using of small pictures that exist on lots of sites and google. OK or not?
Secondly, “Wi-fi” I’d got a couple of urgent e-mails to send while I was out and about so I drove down a suburbian street looking for a wi-fi signal. Third place I parked gave me an unencrypted signal and hence I’m blogging? I’m not sure what the ethics are of using a freely available signal and connection?
If anyone has a well developed tech-ethic, I’d love your opinion!

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  1. Pictures – tend to think if you’re just “pointing” to a picture (ie. hyperlink or using the image through the code) rather than downloading etc. then personally don’t have a problem. But I could be well wrong!

  2. i always throw things under the guise of, i’m not making any profit on this.. it may not be right, but i am not making any money to pay.

  3. I think the term for using someone’s unencrypted wireless link without their permission is ‘blue-jacking’. Perhaps the best way to examine the ethics is to look for analogous situations. Would you use someone else’s mobile phone if you found they had left it hanging about? But then that isn’t quite analogous, because that would cost them, whereas there is no extra cost to them for the use of their bandwidth. But its still THEIR bandwidth, and I can’t quite get at why, but I still think its a kind of sneaky theft….
    (but i’ve got to admit, i’ve done the same thing from time to time)!

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