Ministry, Time and Vision management

This is a session that I’ve been meaning to write up for ages. I wanted to run a session with the Parish based youth workers on “Time Mangement” but thought this was a non starter as:
a) No-one would come
b) It can be the most depressing guilt-inducing oppresive subject around!
c) Time management trainers either have their lives so together they clearly hail from a different planet or their professional persona is merely and only, a persona!

I still however wanted to do something though that would collectively and indivdually challenge us as it’s so easy to end up SO busy in Ministry because there is always things we can/could/might/should be doing!
jigsaw.jpg The way forward seemed to be around Vision. So the attached resource is about looking at all the jigsaw pieces that make up our work and looking at the jigsaw pieces we would like to be doing if we had time! The exercise then asked what is the “Vison?” i.e the picture on the front of the box in this metaphor, that is the combination of your calling, role and job description. Then being able to look at each of the pieces against this vison and ask, “Should they be part of what I do?”
Pdf copy: Download file