A “Hell” of a ride at Holyland

Rant Warning!
I talked before about flawed ecclesiologies and the “Field of Dreams” theology around, “If you build it they will come!” Well, there was an article in Mondays Times on a vision for a Holy Land theme park as a way of encouraging Biblical Knowledge in the 16-24 year old age bracket. Andrea Webster who is heading up this UK £144 million project says,
coaster.jpg “I want the park to encompass the magic of the Bible and present it in a way that will be exciting and relevant.”
and also says
“I believe it’s a vision from God,” she said. “We need different ways to reach the youth of this country and it came to me in a flash that a biblical theme park would give people a fun day out but also teach them about the Bible in the process.”
I normally steer well away from being negative about stuff on the blog but I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry over this quest for “relevance!”
I think I settled on laughing then crying and momentarily despairing!
Or am over-reacting? Will a trip to a sanctified Alton Towers be high on the youth group agenda in order for a Post Christian generation to discover God’s revelation of himself?

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  1. we have, or had, a holy land theme park over here.. i havn’t heard of it in years.. wonder if it is still in business?? ps: rant is well received.

  2. makes you wonder if it will be anything like the one in the simpsons that they set up in memeory of Ned’s dead wife MMmmmmm Wine gum animals from the ark.
    Absolute nonsense it would be hilarious if it was ironic (sadly i fear not) similat to premier if you listen to it whilst imagining alan partridge its the funniest thing on the air waves

  3. The story of Daniel could be fun, especially if its a fully interactive one!! We could hjave a competition as to who can stay in the furnace or the lions den the longest!! WHat annoys me is the money involved, just think what could be done with £144 million ponds if it was invested in longterm relational youth work, When will christians learn that to be relevant is not about gimmicks but friendships. To be relevant is to relate!!

  4. What a great idea! I’m just jealous I didn’t think of it first. Missed the boat on worship song ring tones and now this – I must be more creative!

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