Youthblog’s Weekend

magical trevor.JPG
Well what shall I bring to Monday morning’s “show and tell” post? Had a cool time on Friday night with one of the teenagers that I mentor, we had a crazy time on one of those garden trampolines and then wandered up to the shops for a can of coke! Radical youth work eh? I finally got a “White Band” and found I could bin 60% of my “in” tray, having brought home the mountain it had become. I discovered that Richard Passmore has a blog called “Sunday Papers!” ( I quoted his, “ Meet them where they’re at” book extensively for an essay on detached youthwork, you should read it! his book that is, not my essay! ) I found an animation called “Magical Trevor” which cracks me up as does the sequel!
Walked to Church, four mile round trip pushing a wheelchair is a gooooood workout. Someone dropped one of the wafers during communion which then travelled some distance along a very dusty floor …. interesting mental theological reflection about what to then do with the wafer! Discovered I’m blog-rolled on a blog called “Train Rider” which I think is written by someone in China practising their English! I’m really not sure why I’m linked but I love his phrases like “I feel my feet are running fast than ever!” and being unsure whether this is an athletic improvement report or a metaphoric statement about life! Oh and I fully switched to Firefox as my browser, I’m now running faster than ever, oh yes!