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calvin snowball.gif The Calvin and Hobbes cartoons have been great illustrations of the “hope for snow” debate and in particular Calvin’s prayer for snow! This led Sarah to comment, “I’m with Calvin … though I’m not a Calvinist!” and sent my mind off into a reframing of Calvinism into the realms of the weather being predestined unto snow! Obviously this meant hijacking the tennets of Calvinism and re-rendering them as:
TOTAL covering of snow
PERFECTION of the snowball

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  1. I may have been too obscure on this one, SORRY!
    It made me larf a lot which maybe my weird sense of humour PLUS I guess if you are not familiar with the tennets of Calvinism IT JUST AINT gonna work at all. Will try to be less esoteric in the future but for your theological edification here’s the real summarised aspects of Calvinism:
    Total Depravity
    Unconditional election
    Limited atonement
    Irresistible Grace
    Perfection of the saints

  2. ah that makes more sense. you just have to remember that I’m young and ignorant…. of the tennets of calvanism if nothing else!!

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