Young People’s Religious Language and Imaginings

Here’s a link to a website in Australia put together by a guy named Paul Teusner. The site is around his research into the effect of electronic media on young people’s attitude to religion, interesting stuff.

5 Replies to “Young People’s Religious Language and Imaginings”

  1. Interesting stuff! Thanks for the link. Especially appreciate his comment:
    “Do you want an online religious experience?
    Turn off your computer and go see a sunset, tech-nerd!”

  2. This dude is a legend! I should so be writing an essay on Freud’s theories of laughter right now, but this stuff is way more interesting. Great food for thought there. Or maybe ‘nutrition for pondering’, or ‘cuisine for consideration’, or ‘edibles for assessment’…

  3. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for visiting my site. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I should be having some more stuff up on the site soon, as I’m preparing a methodology (blech – boring! but something I have to do).
    If any of you guys are under 30, I’d love it of you considered being a research participant. We could talk via email or MSN messenger, or you fly me over to your country (hint hint).
    Thank again for checking my site out.

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